Signs There Could be a Need for Dental Fillings in Newark NJ

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Dentistry

A cavity is a pocket of decay that eats a small hole in a tooth. The decay that causes cavities can be removed and replaced with Dental Fillings in Newark NJ. It is critical to seek professional care promptly. Below are a few signs to watch for that indicate that there could be a cavity.

Discomfort when Chewing

Pain and discomfort that is consistent when biting into food usually indicate a cavity. Pain from chewing often means that the nerve of the tooth is exposed. This can also mean that the tooth is fractured. Either way, it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible.

Discoloration of the Tooth

Many times, decayed teeth look discolored. If a sensitive tooth also has brown, white, or black spots and it is obvious they are not related to the food or drink that was just consumed, schedule a visit with a dentist. Dark patches of decay on teeth may also be soft and sticky to the touch.

Temperature Sensitivity

Sensitivity to hot or cold foods is another sign of a cavity. Usually, at this point, it is in its late stages. There can also be sensitivity or pain in the teeth when stepping outside into cold air.

Bad Breath

It is very easy for food particles and bacteria to lodge themselves in cavities. This creates the ideal environment for foul odors. Breath mints and gum don’t have much of a lasting effect on these odors. There can also be a bad taste in the mouth to go along with this.

General Pain in Tooth

Pain in a tooth is perhaps the most widely known cavity symptom. Those who are experiencing ongoing pain, even when they are not eating or consuming something hot or cold, may need to see a dentist for a Dental Fillings in Newark NJ. Only a dental professional will be able to accurately evaluate the pain that is being experienced and provide an effective solution.

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