The Problems Associated With Snoring in Summit, NJ

Many people in the world snore. Snoring occurs when the air flow is obstructed during sleep. For most people, this is only an occasional issue with no serious effects except for the annoyance to their bed partner. However, there are many who chronically snore. These people may have a significant issue that can pose risks to their health. There are many reasons for Snoring in Summit NJ. Those that have serious problems associated with snoring can find treatment to minimize or eliminate the snoring. This can provide a better night’s sleep and reduce many of the health risks associated with snoring.

Snoring in Summit NJ is an obstruction to the airways during sleep. This can cause serious health issues for the person snoring. The obstructed airflow can cause interruptions in breathing lasting a few seconds to minutes. It can reduce one’s ability to get a restful nights sleep either by waking several times a night or only lightly sleeping. This can have serious effects on a person’s health and productivity. This lack of sleep can cause serious issues with driving or operating machinery. Prolonged suffering can also put stress on the heart. This can increase blood pressure as well as enlargement of the heart. This can increase one’s chances of heart attack and stroke. If snoring is an issue, it may be wise to look into treatments.

One of the main causes of snoring is relapsing of the tongue during sleep. Simple dental appliances can prevent the tongue from falling back into the throat while sleeping and eliminate this type of snoring. The second major cause of snoring is from enlarged soft tissue in the back of the throat. A larger soft palate, uvula, or tonsils can create snoring issues in many people. While sleeping, the soft tissue relaxes and vibrates during sleep. Treatments for this type of problem often include surgery to reduce or remove these areas. Some are very invasive types of surgery that require a hospital stay. However, the Somnoplasty procedure can be done as an outpatient procedure with far fewer risks than the more invasive surgeries. Many oral surgery facilities, such as Westfield Oral Surgery, can help determine which is the best course of action for the particular problem. This can help provide a healthier night’s sleep for everyone.