Dental Sealants in South Austin TX Prevent Tooth Decay in Young Children

by | May 6, 2016 | Dental

By the age of 5 or 6, children usually are ready to take on the responsibility of brushing their own teeth. Even when these youngsters do an excellent job, some of them may still benefit from Dental Sealants in South Austin TX to prevent tooth decay. There are numerous reasons that sealants provided by a dentist such as Anne Lyon, D.D.S. are helpful at this age.

The enamel of baby teeth, medically known as primary teeth, is more porous than adult teeth are. That makes them more susceptible to cavities. The back teeth have more indented areas that are not as easy to keep clean and that hold sticky substances in the crevices. Children are known for loving sweet treats, and they don’t typically have much willpower to say no to candy, cookies and soft drinks they might be offered during the course of the day. Even if they eat fruit instead of candy, they are consuming a substantial amount of sugar in the forum of fructose. In addition, most fruit is acidic and hard on enamel. Children may not be vigilant about rinsing the mouth after eating, and they might never brush their teeth in the afternoon. All those factors increase the risk of tooth decay.

Fortunately, Dental Sealants in South Austin TX effectively cover the crevices and uneven spots in back teeth, protecting them from sweet and acidic foods that harm enamel. Sealants often are covered by dental insurance. Even if they aren’t covered by the parent’s particular insurance, they cost significantly less than cavity fillings do.

Parents can continue to work on teaching their children additional strategies to prevent cavities aside from regular brushing and flossing. Sealants aren’t intended to make children feel like they are invincible in regard to tooth decay. Eventually, they should reach an age where the sealants are no longer necessary. For many kids, that happens when they reach their teenage years. By then, they should have the discipline to avoid snacking on sweet foods throughout the day, to rinse the mouth with water after eating candy or fruit, and perhaps even to brush after lunch.

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