There Are Many Good Reasons to See a Periodontist in Oak Brook

For prime oral care, you should try to find a dental office that uses advanced technology, provides extensive training to its staff, educates its employees well, clearly explains your options, communicates with you while you are being worked on, and provides a calm atmosphere. One that offers many treatment options and has dentists with many years of experience should also be something to look for in the dental office you choose. A highly-qualified periodontist in Oak Brook, IL, is what you should be looking for to help treat gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis is a type of periodontal disease that you must pay attention to. It causes gum irritation that results from an accumulation of plaque. Plaque can harden if it is not removed. It can turn into tarter and infect the gums, causing bleeding and red gums. If not taken care of, gingivitis may lead to periodontal disease.

Periodontitis, which is a disease that is the next step after gingivitis, can seriously affect your health. It can cause your gums to move away from your teeth, and it can cause bone loss. If your periodontitis is severe, deep pockets may form, and tooth loss may occur. Another health problem that may manifest from periodontitis is heart trouble. When you have periodontitis, the bacteria under the gums can move into your bloodstream, and it can have a negative effect on your heart.

Prevent gingivitis and periodontitis by brushing and flossing every day. See a periodontist in Oak Brook, IL, for professional cleanings. Go to Smile Big Dental Specialists to learn more.