Things to Consider Before Teeth Whitening in Oyster Bay NY

One of the most important questions, beyond whether a patient brushes and flosses daily, is whether or not they smoke. Most smokers have had their habit for years or even decades, so dentists have seen it all. But how does it affect Teeth whitening in Oyster Bay NY?

Do you smoke?

Whether someone smokes or not is found through nicotine deposits on the teeth. In addition, smokers are much more likely to suffer from inflammatory changes in the teeth and guns and, thus, run an increased risk of tooth loss. This is about twice as high as that of non-smokers and is demonstrated by numerous reports.

Even though a patient has severe periodontitis, the gums often do not bleed because the capillaries, that is, the fine blood vessels on the mucous membrane, are damaged. Since the typical symptom of gingival bleeding does not occur, smokers usually notice the disease very late in the process. But for another reason, it may be important for health reasons to be truthful as to whether or not you smoke.

Smokers have significantly higher issues when it comes to wound healing. If an extensive procedure takes place, smoking can have a negative impact on the healing process. According to information provided by numerous studies, saliva composition also changes among smokers.

With smoking, carcinogenic substances pass into the saliva, which can cause precursors of oral cavity cancer. These are changes that are highly likely to turn into cancer within a few years. This problem can also be recognized by the dentist before performing Teeth whitening in Oyster Bay NY.

Do you drink more juice or acidity more frequently?

Acids in juice or sodas are considered fatal for teeth. According to a study by the ADA in 2013, 30% of young adults show initial signs of tooth fusion. Even four acidic drinks a day can cause damage to the enamel. This protective sheath of the tooth becomes more permeable, which means it becomes more and more sensitive to cold and heat.

The Locust Valley Dental Group recommends that people do not brush their teeth for at least half an hour after drinking fruit and acidic food and drinks. Since the tooth is deacidified, brushing immediately after the acidic product has been consumed only furthers its erosion. For more information, visit the website today.