Three Misconceptions About Root Canals In Sparks NV

Many individuals need to have a root canal, but because of various myths surrounding this procedure, they refuse to have it done. Dentists who specialize in Root Canals in Sparks NV perform this procedure on their patients because it’s necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Read the information below to learn about three misconceptions that are commonly heard about this procedure.

Patients Experience Pain During A Root Canal

When the center portion of the inside of a tooth becomes decayed and infected, individuals often have excruciating pain. Since the tooth and the surrounding area of the tooth is already hurting, many people think the procedure itself is also painful. Before a dentist begins doing a root canal, the area around the tooth is desensitized with a numbing agent. When the tooth and the gum area close to the tooth is numb, patients won’t feel any pain while the dentist performs the root canal procedure.

Pulling The Tooth Is Better Than A Root Canal

Instead of having a root canal procedure, some people just want to have the painful tooth extracted. It’s always better for patients when they can keep their natural teeth. While under some circumstances, an extraction may be necessary, a tooth can be saved by having a root canal. Once a tooth is gone, the teeth next to the opening will shift over into the space and may eventually become loose.

A Root Canal Isn’t Needed If The Tooth Isn’t Painful

Some patients who need to have a root canal don’t experience any pain at first, so they don’t realize the tooth has decay on the inside. Dentists can identify decay on the inside of a tooth by looking at an x-ray of the teeth. When dentists who perform Root Canals in Sparks NV recommend this procedure, patients should have it done as quickly as possible. By waiting, the decay will advance in the tooth, it will become infected and the individual will begin to feel the pain.

Forget the misconceptions about root canals and schedule one at Sparks Dental in Sparks, Nevada. This dental clinic also provides additional dentistry services, which include preventive dentistry, pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening and dentures.