What Happens After the Implants in Summit, NJ are Completed?

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Dentistry

Many people find that dental Implants in Summit NJ are the ideal replacement for natural teeth. The begin to realize what a great decision implants happen to be once the installation is done and the permanent caps are in place. Here are some examples of what happens once the implants are in, and life goes on.

No Major Changes to the Dental Hygiene Routine

One of the more attractive aspects of Implants in Summit NJ is the lack of change to the basic dental hygiene routine. The patient will still brush after meals, and the use of mouthwash is still fine. There is the possibility that the dentist will recommend switching to a different type of toothbrush or a change in the toothpaste used.

One element that will change is the use of floss. Unlike real teeth, implants do not have a thin membrane at the base that helps to discourage damage to the gum. That leads many dental professionals to discourage the use of floss. Even those who do not will recommend that the patient does not allow the floss to come in contact with the gum since avoiding the contact will reduce the potential for an infection.

Seeing the Dentist Regularly

There will still be the need to see the dentist at least a couple of times each year. One is for a complete examination. This ensures the remainder of the natural teeth are in good shape and also allows the professional to take a look at the implants and make sure they are looking good.

The other visit will involve a teeth cleaning. Cleaning implants are just like cleaning the real teeth. A professional will remove any residue found on and between implants. The result is a fresh feeling that’s hard to beat.

If one or more natural teeth have to go, considering implants as a solution makes sense. Talk with the team at Westfield Oral Surgery today and learn more about this type of dental solution. After undergoing an examination to determine if implants are a possibility, moving ahead with the procedure makes a lot of sense.

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