Tips From a Family dentist in Arlington TX

If people could choose the color of their teeth, they would all probably opt for a whitening toothpaste that provided such. Unfortunately, a person’s dental color is mostly predefined genetically and darkens spontaneously over the years. But by following these simple tips from a family dentist in Arlington TX, you’ll get close to a perfect smile.

Brushing teeth

The secret of a beautiful and healthy smile is good dental hygiene, which means brushing teeth two to three times a day. This will prevent food residue from attacking the enamel and limiting a yellowing of teeth due to tartar. You should also visit your local family dentist in Arlington TX twice a year.

Stop smoking

Everyone should know that smoking is bad for their health. But it’s also bad for your smile -; tobacco attacks the teeth and the gum, yellowing teeth and causing bad breath. Also, in the long run, smokers are more likely to develop lung cancer and gum problems.

Consume colored drinks and food in moderation

Dyes in colored drinks can yellow teeth. So, it is smart to drink coffee, tea, red wine, and soft drinks in moderation. Want to indulge yourself with a glass of wine or a coffee? Remember to drink a glass of water afterward to limit the risk of staining.

The same logic applies to food, according to your family dentist in Arlington TX. Eat more chicken, rice, and fish and eat not too much of the pigmented food like beets, berries, and carrots.

Go for vegetables, fruits, and dairy products

An exception to the rule above – strawberries. Malic acid from strawberries helps remove stains from your teeth and makes them whiter. Crunchy fruits like sour apples scrub the teeth and prevent yellowing. Do not have a toothbrush on hand? Eat an apple.

Thanks to their disinfecting action, fresh herbs like sage and basil also help to keep your teeth white. Dairy products contain calcium that strengthens tooth enamel and helps keep teeth white.

Whitening agents

Individuals can consider whitening their teeth at a dentist’s office. Consult a dentist before trying OTV products. Contrary to what many often read, home-made whitening paste (lemon juice, baking powder, and the like) damages your enamel! Visit Website to learn more.