When Tooth Fillings in Salisbury, NC Are Necessary for Young Children

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Dental Care

When a dentist discovers that a young child has developed tooth decay, Tooth Fillings in Salisbury NC may or may not be necessary. Dentists used to routinely remove the decay and fill the cavities in baby teeth, but a more conservative approach is the norm today.

Oral Hygiene and Fluoride

Very small cavities often can be reversed and the enamel restored with improved oral hygiene and fluoride treatments if the dentist believes this would be of value. Fluoride strengthens enamel and can even help it remineralize to a certain extent. To help the cavities heal and prevent problems in the future, fluoride toothpaste should be used with twice-daily brushing.

Oral Hygiene

When cavities are occurring frequently, and a child has more than one at each dental appointment, parents must address home oral hygiene. A child who is old enough to brush without supervision may just pretend to brush, for example. Kids should be restricted from drinking sugary beverages throughout the day, as that is a significant risk factor for the development of tooth decay.

Cavity Filling

The dentist will probably recommend filling the cavity if it has already become large or is spreading to an adjacent tooth. If the child has complained of discomfort or pain while chewing or because of temperature sensitivity, this is another important reason for a filling from a dentist such as Robert S. Ogden, who provides pediatric and general family dentistry services.


If the cavity is particularly severe, the best option may be extracting the tooth. Dentists would rather not do this, as it’s better for the primary teeth to remain in the mouth until the adult teeth behind them are ready to grow in. Nevertheless, extractions sometimes are more efficient than attempting to fill a large cavity.

Relevant Statistics

The need for Tooth Fillings in Salisbury NC used to be much more common decades ago before the use of fluoride and a focus on preventive care became standard. Today, only about 12 percent of U.S. children are diagnosed with decay in primary teeth. Visit us at the website to get started with pediatric dental care.

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