Top Three Possible Reasons Tooth Extractions May Be Necessary

An oral surgeon performs tooth extractions. Most patients dread the process of extracting their tooth or teeth. Also, dentists discourage tooth extractions by using techniques to save natural teeth. However, tooth extractions can sometimes become inevitable. Usually, a tooth extraction in Plano becomes necessary when a tooth is damaged beyond repair or when the health is compromised. These are some of the reasons why your dentist could encourage tooth extraction.

Tooth Alignment and Orthodontics

You may be a candidate for tooth extraction if you have a crowded jawline. It doesn’t give adequate room to hold other teeth in their proper position. Such a situation prevents orthodontic treatment like braces. Your dentist can remove some teeth so that the remaining teeth fit in the jaw correctly. Too large teeth in your mouth can be extracted to prevent them from affecting other teeth.

Severe Tooth Damage

Most tooth extraction in Plano are due to severe tooth decay. It takes years for tooth decay to affect the tooth enamel. After wearing the tooth enamel, tooth decay affects the soft layer beneath. As tooth decay eats the dentin, it further damages your tooth. A root canal infection occurs when the bacteria reach the pulp of your tooth. Consequently, you must undergo a tooth extraction.

Impacted Teeth

Teeth become impacted when they are blocked from coming out when your gums don’t erupt, preventing tooth development. Your dentist will recommend tooth extraction in Plano to prevent the impacted tooth from damaging other teeth. Removing an impacted tooth also reduces the risks of overcrowding and infection.

If you experience any of these situations, it may be time for a tooth extraction. However, you must visit Lone Star Dental Care before considering a tooth extraction, to be confident that it is right for you. Also, you don’t have to worry about tooth extraction pain because oral surgeons sedate you to prevent discomfort.