Using Dentistry in Providence RI To Alleviate Sensitive Teeth

When someone regularly has pain or discomfort in their teeth after eating something hot or cold, they may be suffering from sensitivity issues. This is an annoying condition caused when the enamel layer on the teeth is worn away. The dentin layer, which is full of nerve tubules, will be exposed. This in turn will cause the feelings of sensitivity.

To help this type of condition, it is best to go to a practice that deals with Dentistry in Providence RI. They will evaluate the condition of the teeth to see how much enamel is missing, helping them to determine the right way to remedy the problem. In many instances, the dentist may prescribe a new toothpaste to try. Sensitivity toothpastes will fill in the areas where enamel is missing, allowing the user to have fewer instances of pain or discomfort as a result.

Another way to handle sensitive teeth is to add a layer over the dentin so the nerves are no longer exposed. This can be done by putting a composite filling in the areas where sensitivity is most prevalent. Another way to stop the issue is by placing veneers or crowns over teeth with problems.

It is best to avoid substances that intensify sensitivity. This would include hot and cold beverages. Some people also suffer when they eat foods with a lot of sugar. Going outdoors in very cold weather can also cause the feelings of sensitivity if the teeth are exposed. Using a scarf to cover the mouth can be a help in this situation.

It is a good idea to brush the teeth differently each day. If one usually brushes with a back and forth motion, they can try to switch the direction of the brushing by doing an up and down motion on alternate days. This will help keep the enamel intact.

If someone needs to see a professional do have Dentistry in Providence RI, they will want to find someone seasoned in how to handle sensitivity issues. One can find out more About Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates by checking out their web page or giving them a phone call if desired.