What are Some Common Misconceptions About Teeth Whitening Procedures?

Your smile is the first thing that people notice when they see you. A whiter and brighter smile creates a memorable first impression and makes you feel good about yourself. That is one of the primary reasons people undergo teeth whitening procedures. The teeth whitening in Chicago offers is the right solution for people with dull teeth. However, there are a few misconceptions that could discourage you from considering this cosmetic procedure.

Crowns and Veneers Can Be Whitened

In reality, the whitening tools used only work on natural teeth and not on porcelain surfaces. Therefore, you may have to replace your crowns or veneers if they look darker than your natural teeth. Consequently, you need to take good care of your veneers and crowns because they cannot undergo a teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth Whitening Damages Your Enamel

The fact is that teeth whitening procedures are safe, and they don’t damage your tooth enamel as most people think. Teeth whitening procedures can only damage the enamel when you don’t consult a dentist and you end up using the wrong proportions. Therefore, don’t use any products or tools without consulting a dentist.

Makes Teeth Sensitive

Your teeth might become sensitive during the teeth whitening process for patients if you have a history of sensitive teeth. However, the sensitivity fades away after the procedure. Dentists use gels to prevent teeth sensitivity during and after the procedure. Therefore, teeth whitening treatments don’t cause teeth sensitivity.

Once Whitened, Teeth Remain White Forever

Unfortunately, the treatment doesn’t last forever if you don’t take good care of your teeth. You should avoid teeth-staining foods and drinks after the teeth whitening Chicago offers. Also, make sure you visit your dentist frequently for check-ups if you want to maintain a bright smile.

You shouldn’t be a victim of these teeth whitening myths. You need to do research first and consult a dentist before choosing any cosmetic dentistry treatment. Since you have an idea of what teeth whitening procedures entail, you can make an informed decision. Contact Chicago Dental Arts to find out more.