What to Know About Tooth Implants in Elk Grove Village, IL

In the twenty-first century, more people consider tooth implants than ever before. Part of that reason is the cosmetic value they bring to patients of all ages. In addition, implants are also a healthy way to replace missing teeth. They do come with a price and are expensive as opposed to just leaving an empty space in a patient’s mouth. An empty space is not a healthy alternative because that weakens the entire structure of the mouth. Getting a tooth implant or two or three helps keep the moth and tooth structure much more stable for the long term.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of tooth implants, there is an easy explanation for what they are and what they do. A tooth implant is made of titanium and is a post or a screw that is implanted into a patient’s gum. That can be preceded by the removal of a diseased tooth and completing a healing process for the extraction. This screw or post is put in to replace the root of the removed tooth. The implant will act as a base for the actual abutment, and the crown will serve as the replacement for the tooth or teeth previously removed. Implants can replace just one tooth or multiple missing teeth. They have even been used to replace a dull arch, either lower or upper.

If you need tooth implants and you live in the Elk Grove or Schaumberg, Illinois, area, and you need to have a consultation, you are in luck. The tooth office of Dr. David Schumer and his son, Dr. Stefan Schumer, are experts in tooth implants in Elk Grove Village, IL. If you are seeking their services, please reach out to Schumer Family Tooth Care for your tooth implant in Elk Grove Village, IL.