What to Know Before Getting Your Teeth Whitened in Evanston, IL

Are you thinking about whitening your teeth? Whiter teeth can improve your self-confidence, make you smile more and even help you land your dream job. However, teeth whitening is still a cosmetic procedure that requires some consideration. Here are three things you need to know before visiting your dentist for teeth whitening in Evanston.

Always Visit a Professional

Although there are many over-the-counter and DIY options for whitening your teeth, many of these home treatments can cause irreversible damage. Always visit a dental professional to get your teeth whitened. Some dentists offer custom trays and solutions if you would rather whiten at home.

Crowns and Veneers Cannot Whiten

If you have crowns and veneers that have yellowed or stained over the years, whitening cannot restore them to their original color. Discolored porcelain or composite dental work has to be replaced if you want it to be white again.

Sensitivity After Whitening is Normal

You may wonder if it’s normal to feel extra tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening in Evanston. Whitening dehydrates the tooth, which reduces its ability to protect the underlying nerves from temperature changes. The sensitivity should resolve within 12 to 36 hours after having your teeth whitened.

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