When the Pain is Severe, Call an Emergency Dentist in South Loop

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Dental

Some say a toothache is the worst pain imaginable. Though others might argue as to whether there are more painful ailments, there’s no denying a toothache hurts. When a person has mouth pain, the first thought on their mind is,& generally, to stop it. If the pain starts on the weekend or late at night, finding an Emergency dentist in South Loop to resolve the problem can be challenging. Knowing where appointments are available whenever a family member might need immediate treatment can help everyone in the home rest better at night.

The best emergency dental providers are available to schedule appointments not only outside of normal business hours & but around the clock. Although dental issues are not often serious enough to require treatment in the middle of the night, there are certainly times that this happens, and having a dental office to call at these times can be a lifesaver. Some emergencies involve accidents that result in lost teeth. Getting a lost tooth back in place quickly is essential for a successful reattachment. Whether the tooth as knocked out in a car accident or a bar fight, an Emergency dentist may be able to help.

Visiting a dentist who has the necessary records already on file and who has a relationship with the patient is ideal in an emergency situation. However, when time is of the essence, any experienced dentist may be able to provide the initial treatment after an accident or other sudden tooth pain. When a patient sees a dentist other than their primary provider, it’s important to have the records transferred to their dentist’s office so they can get appropriate follow-up care.

Regular routine dental care is essential to avoiding preventable tooth infections. Anyone who is not currently being cared for by a trusted dental provider can learn more by visiting South Loop Dental Specialists. Many patients enjoy having the opportunity to get their preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency care all in the same location. This ensures the office has all the records relevant to the patient and their previous dental care so they can offer the most effective treatment whether it’s routine or an emergency. Don’t hesitate to contact South Loop Dental Specialists so you can be seen as soon as possible!

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