Where to Find a Dental Practice For Sale in California

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Dentistry

When dentists decide to go into practice for themselves, there are two options available. One is to build a practice from scratch. That will take a lot of time and money. A suitable space, which can be purchased, constructed, or rented, is the first thing that is needed. Next comes dental equipment, such as an X-ray machine, dental chairs and sinks, tools, and sanitizing stations. Furniture, computers, telephones, and filing cabinets are needed for the reception area, and the waiting room will need furniture as well.

Once the space is set up, it is time to advertise, interview, do background checks, hire, and train support staff. After that comes advertising for patients. That will include making local residents aware there is a new practice in the area, attracting a solid patient base, and reaching revenue levels that meet expenses. The process accrues a mortgage or rent, payments for the equipment, and the costs of furniture and technology.

The second option is to purchase a practice that is already established. That will not take as much time and money, and has some great advantages. The best way to find a Dental Practice For Sale in California is to check listings placed by experienced dental practice brokers, such as Western Practice Sales, for example. That will give dentists an idea of what is available, pricing ranges, and where in California practices are located. Information included also indicates the type of dentistry practiced at any given location, a basic idea of the patient base, and how long the practice has been open.

Advantages of finding a dental practice for sale in California include lower costs, one payment rather than several different payments each month, and support staff already in place. The practice will be equipped with essential machinery, tools, furniture, and computers. There is a patient base from which to start, which means a certain amount of revenue will be coming in from the very beginning. Some patients will leave when the retiring or relocating dentist leaves the practice, but most will stay. Advertising costs are also lower because the focus is introducing a new dentist to a place local residents are already familiar with.

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