Why Do Patients Visit General Dentist Port In St. Lucie?

In Florida, patients require general dental services when they want to eliminate common dental issues. These conditions could include plaque buildup or the early signs of gingivitis. The patients require these services to address these common concerns that could lead to periodontal disease or tooth loss. The following are reasons why patients visit a General Dentist Port in St. Lucie.

Annual Examinations and X-Ray Services

The dentist performs annual examinations and X-ray services. The exams help the dentist identify any condition that could damage the teeth or gums. They also use these services to monitor the development of adult teeth for teens. The X-ray services enable the dentist to determine if there is any damage underneath the gum line. The dentist also presents a care strategy for the patient to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Standard and Complex Cleaning Services

The hygienist performs standard and complex cleaning services. They eliminate plaque buildup and bacteria from the teeth and gums. They eliminate conditions that could lead to breaks and decay. More complex cleaning services are performed to eliminate the effects of periodontal disease. This includes scaling and planing to remove damaged gum tissue.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

A general dentist can also repair damaged teeth. They offer many different options for correcting the damage. The most simple option is a dental filling. These repairs involve a composite filling that is injected into the tooth and sealed. Next, the dentist provides dental bonding to reconstruct more severe damage.

Assessments for Oral Cancer

The dentist performs assessments for oral cancer. Patients that use tobacco products are at a greater risk of this disease. The dentist will need to complete assessments and testing for these conditions to diagnose it at an earlier stage. The dentist can also correct the aftermath of surgical removals for this form of cancer.

In Florida, patients visit general dentists to acquire thorough assessments and exams. These examinations determine if the patient has a dangerous condition that threatens their oral health or their life. They also provide repairs, cleanings, and reconstruction. Patients who want to acquire services from a General Dentist Port in St. Lucie Visit Website for more details.