Why Highland Park Residents Are Flocking to Get Their Teeth Cleaned

No matter how well you think you’re brushing your teeth, it is still a good idea to get your teeth cleaned. When you do, you will enjoy a few benefits that a teeth cleaning in Mundelein provide.

Cavity Prevention

While brushing, you may have noticed a white film on your teeth. This film is known as plaque and is what causes tooth decay. When the plaque is not brushed away, it can slowly eat away the tooth enamel and cause a cavity. As plaque builds up, it hardens and becomes tartar, which brushing alone cannot remove. In order for the tartar to be removed, a dentist needs to use tools to clean it away.

Prevent Teeth from Falling Out

When tartar is allowed to build up, it can turn into gum disease. This gum disease is what will cause your teeth to fall out. This is due to the plaque making its way deep into the jawbone that supports the teeth. The acid in the plaque eventually eats away at the supporting structure and causes tooth loss. However, when a dental cleaning is conducted, the chances of gum disease are reduced after it has been identified by your dentist so that treatment can be given.

For A Brighter Smile

If you have unhealthy habits such as smoking or love your daily cup of coffee, then your teeth will become stained eventually. Luckily, your dentist will be able to remove the unsightly stains with a cleaning. The cleaning can return a great amount of whiteness to your teeth, which is something to smile about.

When you notice that your teeth do not appear as healthy as they should, it is time to visit North Suburban Dental of Mundelein to schedule a teeth cleaning in Mundelein. So don’t put off your teeth cleaning any longer and contact a dentist today.