5 Important General Dentistry Services in HI

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Dental

There are many critical components of General Dentistry Services in HI. Those who want to ensure they have healthy smiles make sure to see their dentist a couple of times a year for dental care. The following offers insight into some of the integral services these dentists offer their patients.

What are Some of the Services Involved in General Dentistry?

Being aware of the dental services offered by General Dentistry Services in HI is crucial. When individuals are aware of the services that are available, they will be better equipped to protect the health of their smile.

  • Preventative dental services are integral to general dentistry. These services include teeth cleaning, examinations, and X-rays. Although a person may brush and floss as often as they should, there are areas of the teeth that can be missed. Having their teeth cleaned is an important step towards good oral health.
  • When decay problems arise, patients need to seek their dentist for cavity repair. The dentist works to remove the old decayed tooth tissue and replace it with a filling. Cavity care helps to stop the progression of damage and prevents tooth loss.
  • Root canals are an important service provided by the dentist. When a tooth has become severely decayed or infected, great damage can occur. To keep the tooth viable and prevent loss, root canals are often needed.
  • Tooth extractions are also included in general dentistry. There are multiple reasons a person might need to have a tooth extracted, including severe decay, infection, or an injury. Prompt extraction will help to prevent ongoing damage and the other surrounding teeth.
  • When a person is missing some teeth, they can be embarrassed about the appearance of their smile. Thankfully, there are dental implants that can be put in place to permanently replace missing teeth and complete the smile.

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