Dental Implant Services In Chesterfield MO Will Provide A New Smile

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Dentistry

Missing teeth are not only unsightly, but they also cause self-esteem and chewing problems. When several teeth are missing, it can affect the shape of an individual’s face and cause the other teeth to shift. Dental Implant Services in Chesterfield MO can correct these problems that will look completely natural.

Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. The reason an individual lost a tooth could be from illness, injury, gum disease, and a variety of other problems. A consultation with a dentist who performs this service will let an individual know if they are a candidate for this service.

First Steps

The first step an individual should take is to visit a dentist and discuss their concerns with the dentist. The dentist will perform a complete evaluation of the patient’s gums and jawbone. If the jawbone is healthy, a dentist can usually perform this type of treatment.

The Dental Implant

The roots of a dental implant will be a titanium post that is inserted into the jawbone. The dentist will make a small opening in the gum tissue and drill a tiny hole in the jawbone to insert the post. Once the bone and gums have healed, a patient will return to the dentist for the final crown. This process usually takes two months.

A temporary crown might be attached to the post until the gums and bone heal. The permanent crown will be the correct size, shape, and color as the other teeth.

Other Uses

Individuals who wear dentures can have a dental implant installed to hold their dentures in place. If someone is considering replacing their dentures, they should consider using a dental implant to anchor their dentures. Dental Implant Services in Chesterfield MO can provide a patient with one or several dental implants.

Replacing missing teeth will improve an individual’s health because they will be able to chew their food thoroughly. It will also improve their self-esteem and confidence. The shifting of the teeth from a missing tooth will be stopped and reduce jaw or face pain. Get more information and start enjoying a perfect smile today.

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