A Cosmetic Dentist In Annapolis Can Give Your The Hollywood Smile You Want

Teeth can become damaged due to illness, injury, disease, and a variety of other factors. A smile that isn’t as brilliant as the individual wants can result in low self-esteem or self-confidence. After a visit to a Cosmetic Dentist in Annapolis, an individual will find out how they can help to improve their smile and self-confidence through less-invasive procedures. Cosmetic dentistry allows an individual’s smile to be restored to its original condition or can repair teeth that weren’t perfect, to begin with. Silver fillings can be replaced with tooth-colored fillings that are much less noticeable and healthier for a patient.

Straight teeth are a concern for many patients. Sometimes, teeth shift over their life and, in other cases, they were never straight. Invisalign offers the ability for an individual to straighten their teeth without the need for metal braces that irritate their gums or can be embarrassing to wear. Invisalign is a variety of clear retainers that a patient will change every several weeks. They can be removed to brush and floss the natural teeth. A patient can remove the retainer during meals and put it back in when they’re finished. The clear design is very discreet, and wearers can carry on their daily routines with very little interruption.

A Cosmetic Dentist in Annapolis can also apply porcelain veneers to the surface of a patient’s teeth. Teeth that are stained, chipped, discolored, or irregularly shaped can benefit from this type of procedure. A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that is attached to the front of the tooth. It can close gaps between teeth and give an individual a perfect smile. Porcelain inlays can fix holes in the teeth and are an alternative to typical fillings. Tooth whitening to a whiter and brighter smile can happen in a dental office in an hour. Stains and discolorations can be fixed through teeth whitening.

If you’re interested in improving your smile and self-confidence, a cosmetic dentist can help. The non-invasive treatments available by dentist’s today can dramatically improve your smile. If you’re interested in having a great smile, please feel free to Click Here.