Visit A Reputable And Experienced Dentist in Haleiwa For Great Oral Health

Maintaining a healthy smile will improve a body’s overall health. Great oral health begins with a visit to a reputable and experienced dentist in Haleiwa. An experienced dentist will make every patient feel at home throughout his or her visit and through any dental procedure. They’ll be able to detect periodontal disease at its earliest stages and help prevent tooth loss. Gum disease can begin to develop as early as the teenage years and special or additional cleanings may need to be performed. Removing bacteria from under the gum line and flushing it from the mouth will reduce the chance that the roots will be affected to cause the loss of a tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of options for treatment, including dental implants, teeth whitening; implant restorations, composite teeth fillings, porcelain crowns, and bridges. This type of dentistry can give an individual a perfect smile and improve their oral health. A Dentist in Haleiwa can talk to an individual about which procedure would best fit the patient’s needs. Teeth whitening can brighten a smile and give an individual a younger appearance. Composite teeth fillings will be the same color as the tooth instead of the dark amalgam fillings that were used in the past.

Porcelain crowns can replace a tooth that has had a lot of fillings or decay. A porcelain crown is carefully constructed to match the exact same size, color, and shape as the previous tooth. It can be cared for the same as any natural tooth and are an integral part of a dental implant. A dental implant can replace one or several missing teeth. The condition of a patient’s jawbone will determine if they’re a candidate. To install an implant, a dentist will make a small incision in the gum and put a tiny hole in the jawbone. A titanium post is inserted into the bone and a temporary crown will be attached to the post. Healing takes several months, and a patient will return to the dental office to have the permanent crown attached. Dental implants are an outstanding solution for restoring an individual’s smile.

For more information about improving your oral health, please visit a Kailua Dentist for more information.