Answers To Common Questions About A Toothache in Haleiwa

There are several reasons why an individual can have a painful tooth, and after visiting a dentist, the tooth pain will be gone. Read the questions and answers below to learn important information regarding a painful tooth. Find out what causes this type of pain and what individuals can do before arriving at the dental office when they have a toothache in Haleiwa.

What are some of the most common reasons why a tooth will become painful or sore?

The symptom of a painful tooth can be caused by various dental problems. One of the most common reasons is due to decay in the tooth, which is caused when the acids in plaque eat through the tooth enamel and cause a hole to form. Individuals can also have a painful tooth when a tooth filling becomes loose and falls out of the tooth. If a tooth becomes infected and an abscess forms, this will also cause an individual to feel severe pain in their mouth.

Are there additional symptoms that can accompany a painful tooth?

Depending on the cause of the toothache, the gums around the painful tooth may also be swollen. If there’s an abscess present, it may begin to drain and individuals will have a bad taste in their mouth. Depending on the location of the painful tooth, some individuals may also have a headache that’s caused by throbbing tooth pain.

What kinds of treatments are performed by a dentist when a person has a toothache?

After examining the sore tooth and possibly taking x-rays, the dentist will determine the cause of the pain. If the tooth has decayed, the dentist will place a filling inside the tooth. If a filling is gone, the dentist will put a new one in the tooth. When a person has a Toothache in Haleiwa because of an abscess and the infection has spread to the inside of the tooth, the dentist will need to perform a root canal procedure.

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