Why Dentists in Gainesville Hate Smoking

There are many things that can affect dental health. Smoking is at the top of this list. Discover the harms of cigarette smoking on the teeth below and how dentists in Gainesville can help.

In addition to various adverse health effects, smoking is also bad in terms of esthetics. Teeth become yellow and blackish marks can appear not only on the teeth but also in the gum. And there is also the phenomenon known as “hairy tongue”. The tongue is lined with excrescences (which may be yellow, brown, black or green), an appearance that resembles that of hair. Like the above wasn’t enough, bad breath is also a problem for smokers. The flavor of food is also impaired. Smell is no longer what it was before smoking. Finally, it is possible that smoking increases the risk of tartar and plaque.

Above all, it must be emphasized that smoking does not increase the risk of tooth decay. However, it can do more serious damage. Smoking increases the risk of gum disease. This bad habit can also have repercussions on other parts of the mouth. A person who smokes is twice as likely to lose their teeth and four times as likely to suffer from severe gum disease. People should also remember that smoking is atop the list of factors for cancers of the mouth and throat. It can also cause inflammation of the salivary glands.

Note, moreover, that smoking delays the healing process after a tooth extraction. In addition, some treatments are less likely to be successful in smokers. Cigarette smoking is not just bad for your health. It has a negative impact on the smooth running of certain treatments. The success of dental implants and gum treatments is diminished by smoking. Wound healing is, in addition, affected as well. Only dentists in Gainesville can help people fight this issue.

There are many reasons to stop smoking. By quitting smoking, a person’s oral health will definitely improve gradually. Beyond the beneficial effects on the teeth and gums, there are also other benefits not negligible. Only two days after cessation, smell and taste are improved – like a person’s breath. Visit website to learn more.