Can You Get Dentures After Going Too Long With Missing Teeth?

It’s common to lose a few molars as you grow older. People with one or two missing teeth may have it easier because they can easily get implants to replace the missing teeth. However, individuals who lose multiple teeth due to injury or periodontal disease may need dentures in Lakeview to eat, speak, and even smile.

What Happens After Losing Teeth

Teeth are essential not only for smiling and eating but also for maintaining a healthy jawbone. The pressure exerted on your jawbone while eating stimulates its growth. When you have missing teeth, the jawbone shrinks, and the gum loses its shape. The rate at which the jawbone shrinks varies from one person to the other. Usually, older people lose their jawbone faster than younger individuals.

How Soon Can You Get Dentures After Losing Your Teeth?

If you went to your dentist to have your teeth extracted, they might recommend that you give your gum tissue some time to heal. Depending on the condition of your gum tissue, the dentist may provide temporary dentures to help you eat and speak comfortably.

What About Getting Dentures After a Couple of Years?

You can get dentures in Lakeview after staying for a few years without teeth, but it will depend on the condition of the gum tissue and jawbone. Remember that it’s essential to keep up with the regular visits to the dentist even after losing your teeth. They will examine the state of your oral health and recommend the best treatment for your case.

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