How a Trip to Your Local Dentist in Bridgeport, CT Could Save Your Health

Making a trip to your local dentist in Bridgeport, CT, has the ability to save your health in many ways. From toothaches to cancer, neglecting to care for your oral health could lead to lifelong consequences. Read on to learn more about how taking care of your teeth can provide benefits that will ultimately sustain your health.

Protect Your Health By Protecting Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth is vastly important. Neglecting to do so could yield concerning results.

In general, dental health professionals recommend seeing a dentist twice a year, or at least once every six months. This is because, as tartar and plaque begins to build on teeth, bacteria in your mouth will begin to multiply.

Plaque and tartar have been linked to problems including tooth decay, gingivitis, gum disease and even loss of the jawbone.

Additionally, poor oral health has been proven to contribute to other diseases you might not suspect such as diabetes, cancer and even heart disease.


The best prevention tools against these destructive ailments is to make the care and keeping of your teeth a priority.

Between each dental visit, be sure to maintain proper care of your teeth by gently brushing, flossing and using an antiseptic rinse. If you have braces or wear clear aligners, be sure to follow the directions of your dentist to ensure that food and debris are effectively removed from your mouth so that bacteria is hindered from multiplying.

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