Facts About Receiving Dental Implants in Annapolis

Tooth loss is nowhere near as tragic as it looks. Dentistry has a perfect and completely painless solution that can effectively replace missing teeth: Dental Implants Annapolis. No matter what negative comments people hear about this procedure the process has nothing but positive aspects attached to it.

Proof of this is the more than 500,000 patients who choose dental implants around the world each year. Are they are satisfied with the result? Experts would say yes, and the success rate of over 97% is extremely remarkable.

What is a dental implant?

Dental Implants Annapolis replace lost teeth, but how do they work? Simply, the dentist places the implant body in the open tooth space, securing it into the jawbone, which replaces the lost tooth root with a stable, esthetic, and functional crown. Dental implantology is an integral part of dentistry, and the placement of dental implants is considered a routine procedure. And, at the same time, it is the best way to correct missing teeth.

Dental implants are ideal for a person with single tooth loss, but even a pronounced tooth loss can be a thing of the past thanks to dental implantology. The finished product provides a significant increase in the person’s quality of life. You no longer need to be ashamed of your smile and inhibitions when chewing, but can finally enjoy carefree eating, enjoy entertainment and everyday life, and even laugh with ease.


Dental implants have the huge advantage that they prevent bone loss by directing the person’s chewing forces directly to the jawbone. That’s why dentists do not stress enough how important it is to replace lost teeth as quickly as possible, as delaying this may lead to serious health consequences. One of these unpleasant consequences is that the chewing load, which is no longer present due to tooth loss, leads to the deterioration of the jawbone. However, this destructive process is uniquely hampered by the use of dental implants.

Another advantage of single and multi-part implants is their improved healing process. In the first step, only the implant body is used. The overlying gingiva is re-sutured so that no part of the implant protrudes beyond the gum. Thus, the implant body can grow together completely undisturbed by the surrounding jawbone. Visit the site for more information.