When to Get a Tooth Crown in Fairfield, OH

Health, well-being, and appearance all rely on the quality of the teeth. People will judge others less favorably when the teeth are yellowed, broken or missing. An unattractive smile is considered a sign of poor hygiene or a lack of concern for appearance, no matter why they look the way they do. There are many ways to improve how teeth look, and a dental crown is one of the fastest and easiest solutions.

What is a dental crown?

When a single tooth is broken or misshapen, a tooth crown in Fairfield OH provides a concealing cover that hides and strengthens the tooth. Once in place, it will look like a natural tooth. The dentist will slide the crown over the tooth and cement it in place.

Why get a dental crown?

A crown helps to prevent a damaged tooth. It instantly improves the appearance, and it makes it easier to eat when a bad tooth is causing some discomfort. It is an affordable option that eliminates the need to have the tooth removed or pay for the expense of an implant.

How are they maintained?

No dental solutions will last forever, and a tooth crown in Fairfield OH is not a permanent answer. Crowns will eventually fail and need replacement or the tooth beneath the crown may eventually need removal. The length of time between replacements is lengthened when people care for the crown properly. Special tools to brush and floss around the crown will reduce the risk of decay. Teeth grinding could require a dental appliance to prevent damage to the crown and the natural teeth.

When is a crown not possible?

If there is decay in the tooth beyond the gum line or the tooth is broken too closely to the gums, it may not be possible to apply a crown. Additional solutions are available for many people including fillings, veneers or removal and the addition of an implant or a bridge.

Many dental solutions are much more affordable and pain-free than people expect. An exam is inexpensive and free of any risk or discomfort. With a comprehensive exam, a dentist can review the damage and provide options to correct the issue. Visit website to get started.