Informative Questions and Answers About Full And Partial Dentures In Midwest City OK

Individuals who have several or all of their teeth missing should seriously think about getting dentures. There are two types of dentures to choose from and the kind of dentures a person needs is dependent on the number of teeth that are missing. Read these informative questions and answers to learn about Full And Partial Dentures in Midwest City OK.

What are the two types of dentures that are available for individuals who have missing teeth?

Individuals who still have several of their natural teeth can get partial dentures made to replace the teeth that are gone. This type of mouth appliance has metal clasps that hook on to a person’s natural teeth to keep the dentures in place. Individuals can easily remove their partial denture for cleaning purposes.

Full dentures are made for individuals who don’t have any of their natural teeth left. A full set is comprised of two separate pieces, which is a top and bottom denture that fits over the gums to keep them in position. Individuals can remove their dentures for cleaning and when they sleep.

How long can individuals expect their dentures to last?

Many people have their dentures for a number of years and the lifespan of a set of dentures mainly depends on their care. Cleaning dentures on a regular basis will prevent them from drying out. Individuals should also handle their dentures with the utmost of care so they don’t accidentally drop them and cause them to break.

What are some benefits for individuals when they wear dentures?

Individuals who wear dentures can chew their food better and this leads to improved nutrition. Wearing dentures also allows people to eat a wider variety of foods.

Those who feel self conscious about their looks, due to missing teeth, will feel better about their appearance when wearing dentures. Individuals who have missing teeth and who want to make a dramatic change in their life can speak with a dental professional who specializes in Full And Partial Dentures in Midwest City OK.

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