Learn When Emergency Dental Services In Waimanalo Are Required

Individuals who have a dental emergency should seek dental care as quickly as possible. Types of emergencies include excruciating tooth pain and mouth trauma. Read the information below to learn when Emergency Dental Services in Waimanalo are required.

Tooth Pain

When individuals have a painful tooth, they want to see a dentist as soon as they can. Many people will wait to see if the pain subsides before making a dental appointment. Most of the time, the pain will only get worse.

A tooth that hurts is an indication of a tooth problem, and it won’t get better on its own. In some cases, the tooth may be infected, and individuals must take medication that’s prescribed by a dentist to get rid of the infection. Some individuals may also need to have a root canal procedure if the infection has spread to the center of the tooth.

Missing Crown or Filling

When individuals lose a filling in their tooth or a crown falls off, they may not have immediate pain. However, it’s equally important to see a dentist promptly. When left untreated, food particles will get into the cavity that’s left unprotected and, eventually, the tooth will begin to hurt.

When a crown falls off a tooth, individuals should bring the crown when they see the dentist. Many times, the dentist will be able to secure the original crown into place instead of making a new one.

Trauma To The Mouth

When a person is hit in the mouth with a hard object, it’s not uncommon for a tooth to become loose, or it may be completely knocked out of the socket. While this can be very traumatic, individuals should stay calm and seek dental help immediately. If the tooth is knocked out, individuals should retrieve the tooth and bring it with them to the dental office.

A dentist who provides Emergency Dental Services in Waimanalo may be able to successfully resecure the tooth in place. To increase these odds, individuals should keep the tooth wet by placing it in a small container of milk.

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