Navigate Through the Available Dentists in Providence RI

Selecting a new dentist office can be a daunting process. People who have relocated to the area, had a current dentist retire, or seek a new dentist for any reason have many choices. Instead of seeing it as one more thing to fit into a hectic schedule, view it as an opportunity to explore the possibilities.

Important Factors to Consider

Just like in real estate, location is everything. Find the Dentists in Providence RI who are close to home or work. That will narrow down the possibilities a great deal. A dentist with multiple offices is a plus because that makes appointments convenient from either work, home, or school. It also makes same day emergency appointments easier to arrange.

Comprehensive services is another factor. People with plenty of time can spend it going from office to office for different procedures, but extra time is a rare commodity these days for most people. Dentists in Providence RI who can examine teeth, whiten them, and install implants give patients a sense of stability.

They also save time and hassle. Insurance forms have to be filled out only once, keeping track of where you are going is a non-issue, and patients can become familiar with the support staff and the dentists. Fear and anxiety are drastically reduced in a short period of time.


Advances in technology have made dentistry faster, less painful, and more responsive to the unique needs of patients of all ages. Some procedures are less expensive that traditional ones that take more time and materials. There are machines that can create a ceramic crown or bridge in the office from a digital image in about one hour!

Implants have improved greatly as well. Traditional implants are still available, but a few other options exist, depending on the procedure needed. One example is mini dental implants. Rather than traditional screws drilled into the jawbone, these implants are anchors that can be placed without surgery.

The primary purpose of mini implants is to secure dentures. The smaller size and lack of surgery translates into zero recovery time. Dentures can be fitted onto implants immediately. Once completed, there is no need for adhesives and dentures can be removed and cleaned easily.

Comprehensive offices, such as Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates, offer patients a consistent quality of care. Patients are more likely to have preventative maintenance done each year because they are comfortable with the dentist.