What Services Are Performed By A Dentist In Arlington, TX?

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Dentistry

In Texas, dental professionals perform a variety of services to keep their patient’s teeth and gums healthy. The dentists provide comprehensive services to identify damage and the presence of cancer cells. The services lower common risks for the patients and improve their oral health. A local Dentist in Arlington TX offers the invaluable services for all patients now.

Oral Cancer Assessments

During annual examinations, dental professionals provide comprehensive oral cancer assessments. The dentist identifies early signs of the disease and performs biopsies. The patient receives a referral to an oncologist if the biopsy indicates the presence of cancer cells. Extensive treatments are provided to remove cancer and prevent it from spreading.

Repairing Tooth Damage

Dentists perform tooth repairs when damage occurs. Fillings and dental bonding are performed for cavities and small breaks. The dentist performs reconstruction for more severe damage. Crowns are used to correct severe damage and are fitted over the entire tooth. If the damage is too extensive, the dentist explains alternatives for replacing the tooth.

More Complex Cleanings

Patients with conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease need more complex teeth and gum cleanings. The scaling and planing process is performed to remove damaged gum tissues and clean the teeth more effectively. It is performed for patients who have developed periodontal disease. The procedure mitigates further risks associated with the condition such as infections.

Managing Wisdom Teeth and Infections

Wisdom teeth could present serious issues for patients. If the teeth become impacted, the patient’s risk of infection is greater. The impacted wisdom teeth must be removed to eliminate pain and discomfort. The condition could lead to an abscess if bacteria become trapped in the gum flap. The dentist performs oral surgery to remove the tooth. He or she provides antibiotics to prevent an infection and pain medication to keep the patient comfortable.

In Texas, dental professionals provide comprehensive assessments for oral cancer. Their hygienists perform semi-annual cleanings as well as scaling and planing. The dentists perform tooth repairs to restore the smile quickly and avoid permanent issues. Patients who need an appointment with a local Dentist in Arlington TX browse our website for more details now.

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