Does a Sleep Apnea Dentist Exist, Talk to a Dental Professional in West Loop

Many West Loop residents suffer from sleep apnea, which is a problem that affects the airways while you’re sleeping. You may have had it for years without even knowing it because you’re sleeping and don’t notice the signs. However, a partner may notice it, or you may have other symptoms, such as feeling tired in the morning. A sleep apnea dentist is someone who has the education and training of the mouth and throat. They can determine if you have the disease and what can be done to improve it.

Mouth Shape

Most West Loop residents don’t realize that the shape of their mouth could have something to do with sleep apnea. More weight on the throat and mouth can cause it, as well as a large overbite or enlarged tonsils. If it’s caused by a dental condition, such as an overbite, your sleep apnea dentist can give you a diagnosis and work toward correcting the issue.

Oral Appliances

Most sleep apnea treatments aren’t effective, and those that are may be cumbersome or loud to use. If you (or your partner) can’t handle the loud noises and being hooked up to a machine all night, you should talk to your dentist about options. They offer customized treatments in the form of oral appliances. They hold the airways and mouth open at a particular angle so that you breathe easily while sleeping. It won’t force air into the lungs like other devices, which may be more comfortable while sleeping.

A best sleep apnea dentist in West Loop can help monitor your care and ensure that you’re getting enough oxygen while sleeping. Visit Washington Dental Care to learn more about how they can help with sleep apnea issues.